Northwest Software Technologies Acquired!

Northwest Software Acquired by MaxGiving, LLC of Boise, ID on 12/31/17.

The Tracker-Series!Opening this business in September of 1985, being the pioneer of software to manage event fundraisers, working with great organizations, helping to raise in excess of $5 BILLION in support of their great causes has been so gratifying. Working with the many nonprofits and great individuals who work for them has truly humbled me and has taught me more about diversity and tolerence than you can ever know. I thank you for that opportunity.

The decision to allow the corporation to be acquired was my way of passing it on and, hopefully, the new owners will come to the point of matching what I built. While I will be with MaxGiving for a time as I transition processes and skills I will be leaving. I will be heading off to pursue challenges that allow me to put my vast skill set to further use as well as mentoring others before I finally retire.

Thank you to all of you that put your trust in us over these many years.

Jack D. Wilson, Jr.
President/Chief Executive Officer
Northwest Software Technologies, Inc.

MaxGiving, LLC can be reached by:

Phone: 855.245.7500
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